Wednesday, 31 December 2008

TOTR T-shirts .......

TOTR T-shirts are available (any colour vinyl) £15 a Tee, contact us through the myspace to order a T-shirt.

Omar - Tell me

This is an old tune, but a timeless tune....
Omar is a legend and a thoroughly respected artist. I have never seen this guy perform live but would definately love to. I Actually had tickets to go and see him perform but turnt up late and totally missed his show, LOL ..... That was a funny night.

ANYWAY..... in the words of Trevor Nelson, OMAR WE SALUTE YOU SIR !

Steven Gerrard charged !

Who really cares? We don't!!! He's a footballer and he has money that doesn't mean we're hating it just means he won't go to jail. Mind you Joey Barton did, but then that's a different story altogether.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Move out the way, HA HA HA

Vinyl Forever

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Leon the best character of 'CYE' Season 6.

Healthy Winehouse?

Amy Winehouse finally looks like she is sorting herself out, she has put on a bit of weight and is starting to look healthy again. Good on you Winehouse, but we believe she still has a fair bit to go before she looks as good as she did when she released the Frank album.

My Tipple !

Amaretto and Apple juice as a drink is amazing, if you haven't tried it before you are missing out. I will definately be drinking this on New Years Eve !

Monday, 29 December 2008

Probably.....One of the best songs ever made!!!

Tongue and Cheek

Racism in Elevator or Lift - Free videos are just a click away

We cooked this !!!

Taste's absolutely amazing, perfect for a Saturday afternoon after a nice lie-in from going out on Friday night ......

We expect big things from The Kemistry in 2009 .....


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