Thursday, 24 September 2009

Life of Grime

This video was made nearly 4 years ago now, it was made to present a dissertation that was written on Grime music.

Even though this video was made some time ago the questions asked and the points made are still very valid today.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sugababes - Overload (acoustic live)

The best Sugababes song ever in my opinion, the best version of the song I have heard with the original band members.

R.I.P The Sugababes as we know it.

The Concrete Jungle EP

Friend of TOTR and past performer Appleseed has gone nationwide with his EP The Concrete Jungle.

The digital download has been available for a hot minute on iTunes, but the official box set is now available in every HMV nationwide.

Pick up your copy today.

Basement Jaxx featuring Yo Majesty - Twerk

This tune is going to be absolutely Massive!!!


The brand new King Apparel AW09 range is now available online, please check it out at

Monday, 21 September 2009

Tune of the Day

Fifa 10 Vs Pro Evo 10 - Demo

Pro 10

Fifa 10

I know this has nothing to do with music, however this is a subject worthy of a blog post. Having recently downloaded both demo's for the PS3 I am a firm believer that Pro Evo makers Konami have stepped up their game (no pun intended).

Last year, EA Sport's Fifa took the title of the best football game around but it seems like this year Fifa has slowed down, while Pro has surpassed its rival.

When playing the Fifa 10 demo it seemed sluggish and very different to last years game which was fast and fluid. Where as Pro Evo was the complete opposite last year it was slow and unrealistic and this year the overall game play has changed. It's much faster, the dribbling is better and the passing more life like.

Please take into account these are the demo's I am talking about and not the complete games. I do not know how either game plays online or if there has been any extras added compared to last year.

One thing I will say is Pro Evo has improved a lot since last year. I will be buying both Fifa 10 and Pro 10 and until I play both of the complete games this is all I can say.

Fifa 10 will be released on Friday Oct 2nd 09 on all formats (Oct 2nd is the day of the next TOTR event just so you know) Pro Evo will be released on Thursday Oct 22nd 09 on all formats.

May the best game win!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week

These are TOTR's Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week (in no particular order)

1) I'm one of those girls - Born Ruffians
2) Are you in? - Incubus
3) Before I let go - Maze, Frankie Beverley
4) Buttercup - Carl Anderson
5) On stilts - J Dilla

The Like

Having just completed work on their as-yet untitled second album, Californian band The Like are now offering fans the chance to download new track ‘Fair Game’ for free. To do so head to

As well as this free download, you can also hear 4 new tracks. The band, original members Z Berg and Tennessee Thomas plus new recruits Laena Geronimo and Reni Lane, have left the studio and headed straight out on tour with the Arctic Monkeys in the US.

Full dates can be found below (for my US readers).

Sept 16 - Oakland, Fox Theatre
Sept 18 - Portland, Wonder Ballroom
Sept 19 - Seattle, The Showbox @ The Market
Sept 20 - Vancouver, Maklin Bowl
Sept 22 - Salt Lake City, In the Venue
Sept 25 - Minneapolis, First Ave
Sept 26 - Milwaukee, The Rave
Sept 28 - Columbus, Newport Music Hall
Sept 29 - Toronto, Kool Haus
Sept 30 - Philadelphia, Electric Factory
Oct 02 - New Orleans, House Of Blues
Oct 03 - Houston, House Of Blues
Oct 04 - Austin City Limits Festival
Oct 05 - Dallas, Palladium.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Making plans for Nigel

I first heared this song about four years ago it was Christmas day we had just eaten the left over turkey and we were having a good old chin-wag as you do.

My girlfriend's Dad wanted to listen to some music and he decided to put on an old punk CD of his and XTC's - Making plans for Nigel was one of the tunes on the CD.

Although, I had quite a lot to drink (an understatement) I remember thinking that the song was amazing. Well I did until I heard Nouvelle Vagues cover.

Simply sublime!!!!

Tune of the day!

'Sugar water was our thing, every meal was no thrill'

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I remember watching this film as a kid, a really young kid and not being old enough to appreciate the plot. So from what I can remember Harrison Ford's characters wife is kidnapped.

I have since been told that the film is excellent (a must see again in my case) and yes the wife does get kidnapped, but there is obviously more to the plot than just kidnap.

Anyway, as I wasn't old enough to appreciate the plot I was however old enough to be engrossed by the music and the theme tune in particular by Ennio Morricone. It had and still has an 'eery' feel to it and that's why I remember it and apparently the song is heard at key moments during the film.

Listen for yourself and do check out the film Frantic starring Harrison Ford.

Ibiza Closing Parties 2009

This week sees the start of the Ibiza closing parties, 19th September to be precise. I will be out in Ibiza from next week to experience the closing parties for myself.

It will be my first time in Ibiza and 'I cannae wait'. I have heard so much about the island from so many different people that I don't know what to expect. One thing I do know is I will have an amazing time.

Parties to be at during the closing season: Defected in the House @ Pacha Sat 26th Sept and We loved Space Sun 27th Sept.

If you're going to be out in Ibiza during those dates make sure you are at both of those parties. It's going to be emotional.

So to get you in the mood here are my Top 5 Pre -Ibiza party tunes available to listen to on Spotify.

1) Sinfonia Della Notte - Dennis Ferrer
2) Ever After - Rasmus Faber
3) Swimming Places - Julien Jabre
4) Diamond Life (copyright remix) - Julie M
5) Savannah - ATFC


TOTR fan page

TOTR now has a Facebook fan page, so all TOTR fans and fans of music fullstop please add yourselves, click here to become a fan.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Lowkey & Faith SFX - Alphabet Assassin

Kanye West is an A*sehole!!!!

An apparently drunk Kanye West interrupted country superstar Taylor Swift last night, moments after she won at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She was giving her acceptance speech after winning the award for Best Female Video when Kanye stormed onto the stage, stole the microphone and dissed her, declaring that BeyoncĂ©’s "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" should have won.

Personally, Kanye West is an arrogant twat and his music should be boycotted.

To watch the outburst click here


For those who don't know, Boxfresh have their very own community site (blog) and yours truly TOTR are one of many great contributers.

Please check out the site to see who else contributes and to see a whole host of greatness.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind (feat Alicia Keys)

This is probably the only tune I like off Jay - Z's album the Blueprint 3, I haven't heard many tracks but this is definitely the best thus far. Alicia is amazing on the hook!!

Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week

These are TOTR's Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week (in no particular order)

1) Last Night (acoustic version) - Pixie Lott
2) Wheels in motion - Speech Debelle ft Roots Manuva
3) Mary Jane - Mary J Blige
4) Buzzin - Shwayze
5) Pretty Visitors - Artic Monkeys

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

SWEAT - By Thomas Hilland

I know these images look like they're from an old 80's porn film but actually they aren't. These are images from a short documentary on four time winner of the Sauna World Cup Timo Kaukonen.

The film has been on at the Portobello Film Festival in London since September 5th. To check out the clip click here.

247HH V2: Raekwon

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Well Done Speech

Speech Debelle has just won the Mercury Award 2009, well done you deserve it.

Don't forget to check out the interview I did with her for Boxfresh and Hot 110. Click here

NSG - Stand By Me ft OrtoPilot

I love what NSG does he's original, innovative and he's a really nice, humble guy.....

Props to Ortopilot on the vocals too, nice.

Boxfresh/Hot 110 present.....

I recently interviewed Mercury award nominee Speech Debelle for Boxfresh presented by Hot 110 to see the end product click here.

J*Davey – End of the World

Just when you thought it was over for this duo bang they hit you with this.....

End of Your World (Mama's Back) from KPL TV on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Suspect Packages LIVE‏

Friday October 9th has Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr & Children Of The Damned all performing live, whilst the man himself Disorda, and DJ LoK control the decks. They're gunna be bringin' classic and new uk hip hop, dubstep, reggae other 'fresh' vibes to the speakers!

Boxfresh & BBK present...

HARDKNOCK Compilation Review

Hardknock is a monthly night put on by Goldielocks. It showcases up and coming and established acts from the UK Grime and Hip Hop scene. If you've ever been to the night then you'd know there's strictly good vibes and great music from top artists and top Djs.

"It’s a party for cool people who don’t know they are cool" - Goldielocks

So when I found out a compilation CD of the night was going to be released I was pretty excited and eager to hear what was in store. I got my copy on Thursday and have to admit I have listened to it repeatedly since then. It's seventeen tracks long and features artists like Afrikan Boy, Tinie Tempah and Nasty Jack to name but a few.

If you're a Grime fan then you will definitely like this compilation. It does have the odd electro influenced track but other than that it is a predominantly grime CD.

Personally, I think the CD is six or seven tracks too long but having said that there are some bright sparks on this compilation. Tracks like 'bout hardknock' by Illaman and Kashmir Kid, also 'Im hot' by Tinie Tempah ft M.I.A are definite bangers. Their flows on both tracks and lyrical content are so on point. The production is tight too. Head nodders for sure.

Hardknock - Family Values is a worthy purchase. It's only a fiver, so support the UK scene and definitely support what Goldielocks is doing. She's making moves.

Friday, 4 September 2009


Of late I have been binging a lot, but when I say binging I don't mean with food or drink (so excuse the photo above) I have been binging on music. Music or artists that I haven't listened to for a long time and then all of a sudden I cannot get enough of

My most recent binges have been Ella Fitzgerald, Nas, Bon Iver and Jay - Z (very eclectic binges I know). The Jay - Z binge maybe sub-conscious though as he is due to release his latest blueprint album and seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Ironically, it is a song from the first Blueprint album that I have been listening to the most 'Song cry' but the unplugged version. It gets me every time, go on have a listen.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week

These are TOTR's Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week (in no particular order)

1) Ride On -Sacha Di Manolo
2) Fall in Love - Tortured Soul
3) Everybody - VV Brown
4) Reunion - Slum Village, J Dilla
5) Halftime - Nas