Sunday, 31 May 2009

Monthly Mix

This month's mix comes from DJ Suave an eccentric crowd pleasing DJ from East London who started mixing at the tender age of 16. He grew up listening to Funk Master Flex, DJ EZ and The Heartless crews DJ Fonti. He appreciates the way all three “Legends” have perfected their craft and always leave the crowd wanting more. DJ Suave says, “People love the way they blend tunes together so I began emulating that trend to originate my own style”. Suave’s style is up-tempo and energetic and it has helped him achieve a variety of awards and sets at some of London's hottest clubs.

He can play a wide range of genres stemming from Funky house to Soca, he is extremely versatile and each set he does is unique to the clientèle he is performing to at the time.

For more info, to book him or to see him live please check him out at Traffic, London (Holborn) or email him at


Well done Diversity

Britain's got talent winners 2009

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Woo, looky at what we have here .... This is my second trainer post in about a week I am getting the bug.

Rio Ferdinand (unlucky about the CL mate) will be releasing a pair of Air Force one's. Originally named ‘RF1’, clean white-on-white stylee, I must say I am very impressed RIO. I am more of a vans man myself but may just have to queue up outside Nike’s 1948 in Shoreditch to cop myself a pair.

Be quick as only 100 pairs of these are available in the UK.

WTF !!!

Well done Barcelona

Manchester United failed to retain their Champions League crown as Barcelona claimed Europe's top club prize with a 2-0 win in Rome.

In the opinion of TOTR Barcelona were far the 'superior' team. Unlucky Man U.

On a personal note well done to Thierry Henry the ex - Arsenal man achieved what he ultimately went to Barcelona for and that was a Champions League winners medal so well done.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bear Funk in Brick Lane

NSG is a Legend !!!

Make It Funky For Me (Official Video)


Lay off the protein shake Miss Marsh

Just when you thought Z-list Jodie Marsh had run out of fame mongering headlines, the busty model has pulled a fast one and turned herself into a bodybuilder.
The former glamour puss revealed her shocking new bulked up body as she now plans to swap the centre fold spreads for body building competitions.

Marsh reveals she has plunged from a size 12 to a 6/8 after hitting the gym six months ago.

Marsh was quoted in saying 'I've still got loads to go. I might do a bodybuilder competition in August,'.

Yeah right, we say.

The best song on the Asher Roth album

Usher - Whats a Guy Gotta Do

Opinions people? TOTR are feeling this one.

Mike Tyson's daughter dies

Mike Tyson's four-year-old daughter has passed away, read full story here.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cool shadows

Images by Russ and Reyn

Beyonce - Ego

Chip - diddy- chip

'Chipmunk sack your advisers bro, the music you are putting out is weak'.

When Chipmunk first came out and featured on Tim Westwood's Radio show. He was 'ard and could arguably 'steam roll' any MC senior to him. But of recent Chipmunk has been putting out some 'soft' music. I know it's all about appealing to the commercial market, sorry 'meerkat' and making money, but when credibility is at stake that is when you have to re - evaluate a few things. Believe me Chipmunk really needs to re - evaluate and come harder than 'diamond rings'.

Your thoughts people? personally I am not impressed.

Danielle Lloyd rushed to hospital with 'serious injuries following unprovoked nightclub attack'

Read full story here.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Markus Nikolai - Bushes

I know i've blogged this before, but i love this video and the tune is big too.

What What.....

The first time I saw this video must have been about two years ago, someone sent it to me again this morning. It still cracks me up till this day, it certainly is 'different'.

Raekwon: The Cuban Linx II Interview

Read it here. Raekwon is a real humble dude, I wish more rappers were like him.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good Weather.....

Apparently, the weather will be really nice this weekend (fingers crossed and boat shoes ready) Red stripe it is then !!!!
Here's a little a pre weekend treat:
Summertime FLAVA!!!

'Not happy'

Yesterday, I got a flyer similar to this through my letter box. I was livid, I mean WTF. We can't let these 'people' do this it's not right. London is an ever changing city, a multi - cultural city and I like it and whoever doesn't like it should be elsewhere.
Don't forget to cast your vote on Thursday June 4th 2009, to prevent the BNP and other narrow minded folk from getting in. DO THE RIGHT THING.

Nike Gladiateur Mid

I don't usually put trainer or shoe posts up, but I had to put these up 'Nike Gladiateur Mid' available in two colours. Hmm very interesting.

Dogs 'Being Used As Weapons In Street Fights'

This really upsets me, I can't believe people would do this. Read the full story here.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Top 5 East End Pubs

The Ten Bells

The Victoria

The Gun

The Palm Tree

Captain Kidd

The Top 5 East End 'boozers' in no particular order, you can catch me at each and every one of these pubs at some point throughout the summer. You'd probably catch me at one of these pubs regardless of the weather. If you're not familiar with any of these pubs, do check them out you will not be disappointed.

Bring on summer 'oh nine'.

Michael Vick

'Twat' Michael Vick leaves prison, read the full story here

Tune of the day.....

Monday, 18 May 2009

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Why, why, why?


If you're reading this then you probably like my opinion on things or not. But if you like music, then you would really like this artist Appleseed.

He's not your average artist, but then again he doesn't do average music. His EP The Concrete Jungle (which he has only released a limited amount of) is currently doing the rounds and can be purchased here. Appleseed is also depicted as a rodent named 'Ringonutane' on his EP something which you can see in the image above. If you hadn't heard of Appleseed then it would not have been long until you did, a current Leeds resident but originally from London, East London to be exact, Appleseed has been making big strides in 'oh nine'.

Do make sure you check him out and go cop his EP, it's FIRE. You can also buy his singles 'Mickey Dyson and Nancy' on itunes, singles which were released prior to the EP release.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Get rid of him Fergie !!!!

Ronaldo is starting to think he is bigger than the club, do what you did to David Beckham and get rid of him Fergie. Show him who's boss.

Tune of the day ....

Me & Mrs Jones: Billy Paul

This is such a tune, it brings back so many memories of when my dad use to play it when i was a kid and sing the lyrics out loud. CLASSIC

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Classic Jungle

Classic Jungle not 'Drum and bass', I was about 11 when these tunes first came out 15 years later they're still doing it for me. PURE NOLSTALGIA

Paris Hilton, A Brunette

Paris Hilton has dyed her hair and we're not impressed to be honest. She could put on weight and she'd still be a 'munter'.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Peter and Jordan split up

The New Busta Rhymes Mixtape

(props to DJ Lok for pointing this in my direction)
Click here to download mixtape

The Wonky Pop Tour

Music sensations Flamboyant Bella will be co-headlining the Wonky Pop Tour with electro wordsmith Example. They will be playing up the length and breadth of the country on a few select dates. Wonky Pop prides itself on showcasing great music and the likes of Sam Sparro, Alphabeat, New Young Pony Club, Sneaky Sound System, Tommy Sparks, The Rumble Strips, Cocknbullkid, Mr Hudson, Frankmusik and Little Boots have all been in previous incarnations of the tour.

Be sure to check Flamboyant Bella out they're great.

A Great tune to start off the week ....


Friday, 8 May 2009

Dizzee Rascal on Jonathan Ross

I've just finished watching Jonathan Ross and was pleasantly surprised when I saw Dizzee Rascal was on the show. Surrounded by loose women and Tom Hanks, Dizzee seemed relaxed and in jovial mood. He also looked very dapper in a smart white suit and some very nice Gucci loafers.

The interview was okay, funny in parts and cringe worthy in others. Jonathan Ross is just not 'street' and Dizzee Rascal is not very articulate. But once you got over that the interview was some what enjoyable. (anyway see for yourself)

Dizzee Rascal's next single Bonkers which he performed on the show will be released on the 18Th May 2009.

This is what KELIS sang to Nas when she asked for a divorce

Didier Drogba

I make no secret that I dislike Chelsea and was happy at their exit from the Champions League Semi Finals, but at the same time I felt sorry for them because they should have went through. They had 3 penalty claims turned down and one of them was a clear penalty, the conclusion Chelsea were knocked out of the competition.
Now what followed after Chelsea had been knocked out could not be helped in my opinion, any team would have reacted in the same manner Chelsea did and especially the way Didier Drogba did.

However, it was unprofessional and should never, never happen again. ha ha ha


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Lethal B Go Hard feat. Donaeo

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon, great to look at but a terrible singer. I remember Alesha Dixon as a barely credible MC in misteeq (actually that's harsh she was fire in Misteeq) and now she's a barely credible singer. Her album 'The Alesha Show' is a mish mash of genre's and is very middle of the road and a point that is backed up by her two releases 'The boy does nothing' and 'Breathe slow'. Two mediocre songs, with no direction. Alesha go back to your roots.

Monday, 4 May 2009

TOTR May 09,

A massive thank you to

The Tall Poppies

Scrappy Hood, (The Milk Kan front man)


Carvadeya and Jeeday Jawz

and DJ's No Way and DJ LoK

Great Vibes, Great Acts, Great Night
If you missed it, you missed out. The next TOTR will take place on Friday July 3rd 2009 @ The Victoria E3, DO NOT miss that one. Check the Myspace for more photos.

Photo's by Jo Fuertes-Knight

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hatton's dream's destroyed

Ricky Hatton's pound-for-pound dream has been wrecked inside two rounds.

Manny Pacquiao put the Hitman down twice in the first round before ending a one-sided contest with a chilling left hook one second from the end of the second round.

TOTR predict Ricky Hatton will retire. He cannot come back from this, what else is there for him to try to achieve. Manny Pacquiao deservedly the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Monthly Mix

TURN OFF THE RADIO are happy to announce that we will be linking up with established and up and coming DJ's to bring you an exclusive monthly mix. The mixes will be diverse and will vary from month to month. These mixes will be available to download for free from the blog and will be available on the first of every month.

This month's Mix comes from DJ LOK :

(please click on the image to the right to start the mix)

DJ Lok's profile:

DJ / Collector, "digger" / Producer. Funk , Soul & rare groove, Hip Hop, Jungle, D&B, house, disco, rave and classics!! "As long as funky, all right, ok!!"

A music enthusiast that has devoted his life and education towards the music industry, he came up through the Crazy Beat Record stables where he worked and learnt the ropes for 4 years. Completing a BTEC National Diploma and a Higher National Certificate in Music Technology at college in the meantime.

Through the contacts he made during this time and his hard work and self promotion he - since the age of sixteen- has appeared as a DJ in many London and surrounding area nightclubs and assisted in the Caister and Southport weekenders, Feelsurreal, Wildchild and Art of Loving organizations. Has appeared as a monthly resident for GelloFishPink and weekly for Sound Republic and Break For The Boarder in the West End and currently is a resident at Stacked Saturdays – Elbow Room, Islington, Elbert Wurlings and The Hertford House Hotel both in Hertfordshire.

From the age of 18 he has held residencies both in London’s West End and also further afield. Appearing as a monthly resident for GelloFishPink and weekly for Sound Republic and Break For The Boarder and also a bi-weekly spot at The Buzz Bar (all busy west-end spots).

Djing in clubs and involved in the industry for over 10 years, his musical tastes have broadened encompassing drum and bass/Jungle (which he started out with), funk and break beats, disco and house influenced disco, soul and rare groove, R&B, UK& US Hip Hop, ragga and reggae and anything with funk and soul!

He continues to make contacts through his residencies and travels round the country and sometimes travel abroad to make contacts and visit clubs.

Having concentrated on his djing after leaving college the acquisition of an MPC has led to him dabbling in beats again. With help of his peers in the industry and focus and determination he is moving forward all the time! With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind his somewhat young years of age he looks forward to many years of fun in the music business!

Some of the venues played at: The O Bar, Soho, London The Cellar Bar, Romford Hollywood’s, Romford Connex CafĂ©, Romford Rapture New Years warehouse parties 1998/99 + 1999/2000, Hainault, Starlight Club, Hornchurch Guest of Force FM London, Active FM, Romford, Break For The Boarder- West End Former resident at Sound Republics Noize Bar London, Guest at Sound Republic- London, Empire Lounge- London. Guest at Retreat- Islington Weekly Resident at Elbert Wurlings in Hertford- 2003- present day.

DJ for the Marks and Spencer’s Per Una launch party Music Rooms 26/09/05. Again for the Per Una launch 13th June ’07.

Bi-Weekly resident at Buzz Bar in Leicester Square - August 05 - Early 07

Co-ran and Dj'd a monthly hip hop night at POOL in Shorditch with DJ No Way called Spectrum for about a year and a half. 06 – 07/8

Resident on rotation at Stacked Saturday s – Elbow Room, Islington – Jan 08 – present

Resident at Mmmm @ Cargo – Summer 08

Guest at Herbal for DJ Spin Doctor on the bill with long time friend Mr. Thing and Maseo from the legendary De La Soul! It was an honour!

Guest at Boom Bap with Kid Who @ 93 Feet East – August 08

Guesting at Dj Vadim fundraiser – Herbal – Nov 08

Guesting at two amazing tribute nights for J Dilla – Feb 08 and Feb 09

Guest at Grill House presents – 333 shoreditch – Jan 09

Shows: DJ for Mr. Fox & Friends & Parlamentz Sound, guest DJ for Nome De Plume @ YOYO Notting hill and POOL in Shorditch. DJ for Jonny Virgo, Cash Back, DFace and others as part of Snidee Beats... More to come!