Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Be There!

Ghetts does the Industry Hater!

I know I said that I wasn't going to blog about the Industry Hater again and to be honest I haven't.

But, this video of Ghetts mimicking the 'IH' mimicking himself is funny! Check it from 3 mins in.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

HotOneTen Podcast Vol. 1 – NOISSES

HotOneTen have dropped their first ever podcast and just in time for Xmas I may add.

This podcast also introduces their latest member of the family NOISSES.

Also known as SessioNoisseS and one half of The Equalizers, Noisses has been tearing through the club scene in the past year with a big, bass heavy Dubstep sound. Noisses’ remix of Equalizers ‘The Illness’ has been making waves, recently reaching the number one spot on the ‘Trackitdown’ Dubstep chart and receiving BBC Radio 1 plays from Annie Nightingale and Nihal, plus 1Xtra plays from Rusko and others. On the verge of a massive year ahead Noisses drops an hour of bass heavy badness for us.

Click the link below for the full mix:

1. 2012 – Torqux n’ Twist
2. Break Me Down – The One Hundred (Robsta and Oxide mix)
3. Beware – George Lenton
4. Insanity – 501
5. Riverside (Let’s Go) – Breakage RMX
6. The Future – Trolley Snatcha
7. Hard Feat: David Rodigan and Newham Generals – Breakage
8. Diesel Not Petrol – Sukh Knight
9. Gizmo – Datsik
10. Seeerious – Noah D
11. Unknown – Noisses RMX
12. Take That – Flux Pavillion
13. Sweet Shop – Doctor P
14. Cruel Intentions Feat: Beth Ditto – Simian Mobile Disco (Joker RMX)
15. Rock On (Emalkay RMX) – Cope
16. Texx Mahrs (Open Your Eyes) – 12th Planet and Datsik)
17. Shifty (Sukh Knight RMX) – Riz MC, Swat and Plan B
18. Blinded By The Lights (Nero RMX) – The Streets
19. T-Vexed – Noisses
20. Warning (Eddie K RMX) – DJ Prime Cuts Feat Dynamite MC)
21. Seven Figure Swagger Bar9 RMX – Foreign Beggars
22. Right Hand High – Caspa Remix
23. I dont Smoke (Crissy Criss RMX) – Deekline
24. Dont Walk Away Instrumental – ProGreen Feat: Noisses
25. Night By Night (Skream RMX) – Chromeo
26. No Holds Barred (Excision RMX) – Noisia & Foreign Beggars
27. Misfit – Twist & Marchmellow
28. Suck Em Hard – Barbarix
29. Beauty In The Beast – Noisses

Monday, 14 December 2009

Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week

1) Lightworks - J Dilla
2) Drain You - Nirvana
3) Put it in your mouth - Akinyele
4) Alright - Jamiroquai (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)
5) Cry baby - Spiller

FACT mix 109: Todd Edwards

If you don't know about Todd 'The God' Edwards get to know and download this mix.

To download please click here.

DJ Ayr One - In The Mix (part 2)

Friend of TOTR DJ Ayr One has again provided us with his latest house mix to give away to our readers.

To download click on the arrow on the side and follow the instructions.


Ha, Ha, Ha

Andrei Arshavin!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

BBC Sound of 2010: The longlist

TOTR recommendation ROX has been named on the longlist for the BBC's Sound of 2010.

We've been aware of Rox for a long time and it look's like everyone else is staring to become aware of her too. If you don't know get to know, ROX 2010 will be hers.

Monday, 7 December 2009

50 Cent on Westwood

I enjoyed this interview, I have always said 50 cent is smart and articulate and he proves it once again with this interview.

It was also good to see 50 cent put Westwood in his place, Westwood seemed pretty uncomfortable at one point. I would just like to add Tim Westwood is 52 years old! 'Come on dawg'!! shouldn't be coming out of your mouth unless you are talking to an actual dog. Ha Ha!

BTW, did anybody catch the indirect comment aimed at Trevor Nelson and his recent divorce. If you didn't watch part one again and at around 3mins 25secs listen. DEEP!

*completely over 50's head!

7th Day of Xmas!


Remember my post back in October about the X Factor when I predicted Olly Murs to win. Well, I guess that prediction is still on course.

His performances throughout this competition have been solid although the performance at the weekend wasn't overly great, but he is still in so good luck to him.

In all honesty Olly Murs doesn't deserve to win because he isn't the best singer, Joe is but I don't care because Joe's boring. So go Olly, Ha ha!

The man who did go at the weekend was Danyl Johnson, a good singer but a bit of a twat and obviously not liked by the public. Having said that he has also been very solid throughout the competition. He is a much better singer than Olly but he is very cocksure of himself. A trait which no doubt the public didn't like and in the end it saw him voted out.

Bye, bye Danyl!

Top 5 Spotify Tunes of the week

1) Shame - Dj Marky, Benwestbeech
2) Beggin' - Frankie Valli
3) In the Dust - Machine Drum
4) Misunderstood - Common
5) Let's Stay together - Ludacris

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Industry hater is a wasteman

Apparently, the talk of someone being attacked for mistaken identity was a lie. It was one big publicity stunt.

Well it looks like he achieved what he set out to do. Because a lot of people and blogs including us have been talking about it.

So, from now on this will be my last post on the industry hater, I will not utter a word on this sad individual. Neither will I pay his tweets any attention.

Crate Diggin'

I personally haven't been 'diggin' or vinyl shopping for a long while possibly 6 months maybe more. However, watching these videos has re-ignited the love I have for vinyl.

I could be described as a collector of all genre's but I do have a hefty chunk of Hip Hop and Rare Groove records. Although, I am running out of space you can never have enough records, right?

Maybe I should ditch my plans for Xmas shopping and spend the day in a record shop somewhere.

Vinyl appreciation baby!

Kiss In Cities

Kiss In Cities are a duo made of Laura Marden and Joe Cross. They live in a red-brick townhouse in Manchester, where under the stars of one Englands most diverse musical cities they make synth drenched power-pop. Listening to them is like reading a diary on a packed dance-floor.

Their debut single 'U R My Girl' is out on December 14th and it sounds like the best 80's pop song never made combining Joe's glossy production with Laura's unrestrained vocal to wonderful effect. An instant anthem for a generation about girls who feel short-changed by the implausible feminisms of Beyonce or Britney, while at the same time also a gritty and sincere ode to a sister. The accompanying B side is a sumptuous slice of pop called Satellites.

U R My Girl will be released on December 14th through Seven Sevens as a limited 7" and as a digital download. To pre-order the single click here.

To check out their myspace click here.

Industry Hater, what have you done?!

According to the Industry Hater's twitter page an unnamed individual was apparently assaulted yesterday. The individual was meant to have been mistaken for the annoying industry hater.

The Industry Hater has issued an apology:

'i would like to apologise to anyone who may have been affected and/or offended by comments posted under this alias.'

'due to the assault of an unnamed individual due to mistaken identity this alias and twitter account will cease to exist.'

A video apology/explanation will apparently be up later on the Industry Hater's youtube channel.

On a personal note I would just like to say the promoting of hate however in 'jest' should not be tolerated and won't be tolerated. The Industry Hater should never have existed and it had to take an assault for this stupid individual to realise. It should never have gone that far!

Let's keep it positive people.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st Day of Xmas!

Xmas is nearly upon us and for some reason this year I am more excited than ever. I used to be all for receiving the presents but I can honestly tell you that I can't wait to spend some quality time with my loved ones.

So, for the lead up til Xmas I will be blogging some of my favourite 'Xmas tunes', requests welcome.

Send them to:

TOTR featured on Hot One Ten

Check it out here!

Shouts out to Mildilla and the Hot One Ten Fam!