Monday, 7 December 2009


Remember my post back in October about the X Factor when I predicted Olly Murs to win. Well, I guess that prediction is still on course.

His performances throughout this competition have been solid although the performance at the weekend wasn't overly great, but he is still in so good luck to him.

In all honesty Olly Murs doesn't deserve to win because he isn't the best singer, Joe is but I don't care because Joe's boring. So go Olly, Ha ha!

The man who did go at the weekend was Danyl Johnson, a good singer but a bit of a twat and obviously not liked by the public. Having said that he has also been very solid throughout the competition. He is a much better singer than Olly but he is very cocksure of himself. A trait which no doubt the public didn't like and in the end it saw him voted out.

Bye, bye Danyl!

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