Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kiss In Cities

Kiss In Cities are a duo made of Laura Marden and Joe Cross. They live in a red-brick townhouse in Manchester, where under the stars of one Englands most diverse musical cities they make synth drenched power-pop. Listening to them is like reading a diary on a packed dance-floor.

Their debut single 'U R My Girl' is out on December 14th and it sounds like the best 80's pop song never made combining Joe's glossy production with Laura's unrestrained vocal to wonderful effect. An instant anthem for a generation about girls who feel short-changed by the implausible feminisms of Beyonce or Britney, while at the same time also a gritty and sincere ode to a sister. The accompanying B side is a sumptuous slice of pop called Satellites.

U R My Girl will be released on December 14th through Seven Sevens as a limited 7" and as a digital download. To pre-order the single click here.

To check out their myspace click here.

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