Monday, 21 September 2009

Fifa 10 Vs Pro Evo 10 - Demo

Pro 10

Fifa 10

I know this has nothing to do with music, however this is a subject worthy of a blog post. Having recently downloaded both demo's for the PS3 I am a firm believer that Pro Evo makers Konami have stepped up their game (no pun intended).

Last year, EA Sport's Fifa took the title of the best football game around but it seems like this year Fifa has slowed down, while Pro has surpassed its rival.

When playing the Fifa 10 demo it seemed sluggish and very different to last years game which was fast and fluid. Where as Pro Evo was the complete opposite last year it was slow and unrealistic and this year the overall game play has changed. It's much faster, the dribbling is better and the passing more life like.

Please take into account these are the demo's I am talking about and not the complete games. I do not know how either game plays online or if there has been any extras added compared to last year.

One thing I will say is Pro Evo has improved a lot since last year. I will be buying both Fifa 10 and Pro 10 and until I play both of the complete games this is all I can say.

Fifa 10 will be released on Friday Oct 2nd 09 on all formats (Oct 2nd is the day of the next TOTR event just so you know) Pro Evo will be released on Thursday Oct 22nd 09 on all formats.

May the best game win!!

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