Thursday, 4 June 2009

Flamboyant Bella

Flamboyant Bella concluded their Wonky Pop tour with Example last night, it was at the Islington o2 arena and it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

To be honest on arrival I didn't know what to expect. I had heard great things about them, the tunes on their myspace are catchy, they have a great look and they already have a large following. Maybe my fears were that they were this 'manufactured' new young band who could barely play their own instruments and did not write their own songs. But once they took to the stage all preconceptions went away and the word 'GREAT' came back to mind.

Great presence, Great following and Great tunes. With infectious songs like Abbi, Second Minute Hour and Absolutely Wankered they beamed with enthusiasm and confidence and they certainly had the crowd going, especially the lead lady, who on occasions dealt with the rowdy crowd very professionally.

Flamboyant bella could have a big future but it's entirely in their hands. If they put in the work and keep consistent the world is their oyster, they still have a way to go but they could be huge.

Overall 4/5
BTW, go check Example live too he's awesome

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