Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Dubplate Drama

I have just finished watching the second episode of the third series, a third series that should never have been made in my opinion. It was however a better episode than last weeks but unfortunately I was still left unimpressed. I felt the acting from some of the lead characters was weak with the only convincing performances coming from Mike GLC and Tulisa from N-dubz.

The story line turned out to be a good one with a very good twist at the end. But I felt it was not executed well due to the poor acting, reiterating my point that a third series should never have been made. But due to the fact that the second series was highly impressive and popular a third series was made.

I doubt a fourth series will now be made.

Did anyone else watch Dubplate Drama? am I being harsh? Does anyone agree with the points I have made?

Opinions please.

1 comment:

  1. this series couldve been great if they got some proper actors in there
    the acting was so bad but what can you expoect half of them are MCs