Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wiley On Twitter

Wiley on Twitter is as annoying as two kids on the back seat of a car during a long journey saying 'are we nearly there yet' it is all repitition with a whiney voice.

All he ever tweets or moans about is him taking the industry over and getting a number one single and to be honest you can't blame him for it either.

It must stem from his ego and insecurity, the ego of him being Wiley 'godfather of grime' and having this front or persona to keep up. Also, the insecurity of him not really selling much records, jumping from label to label and the much sort after number one spot still evading him. Where the likes of Tinchy, Dizzee & Chipmunk who he brought through have all been. It must hurt.

Look on the bright side Wiley at least you have the formula! LOL

Wiley's Latest single: Take That out now!!!!

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