Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Small Talk With Kano

We met up with Legendary MC, "Rock N Rolla" and the new face of Boxfresh Kano for a bit of small talk.

London or New York?
London. Sorry Jay - Z but I'd have to say London purely because it's home. Oh and for the music and fashion.

Being signed or Independent?
Independent, you have freedom and the profit makes it worthwhile.

Breasts or Bum?
Bum, 60 - 40.

Tinie Tempah or Tinchy Stryder?
Tinie Tempah, I heard his tune the other day pass out. I like it.

Night in or Night Out?
A night in occasionally a night out.

Fried Chicken or A Kebab?
It has to be fried chicken, my Gran's fried chicken.

Blogs or Magazines?
Blogs, I've never really been a magazine fan. I also like the promotional perspective of a blog.

Alesha Dixon or Sabirna Washington?
Alesha Dixon.

John Terry or Rio Ferdinand for England Captain?
I've been talking about this all week. It has to be Rio Ferdinand, John Terry ain't serious.

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