Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mr Thing Q&A

We recently caught up with Mr Thing, legendary DJ and all round nice guy. We talk record shops, Pro Green and what the future holds. Read on.

TOTR: Can you give us a brief history into who you are? How did it all start for you?

Mr Thing: I think I started to learn how to DJ round about 1986, two of my friends both called Phil had turntables at their houses. I used to go there and learn the basics off them, we use to use 7″s to start off with because the turntables were belt-driven and if you tried to use a 12″ it would take ages to get going once you let it go. Eventually I got some 1210’s in 1989/90 and that was me, I started to do a couple local youth clubs and got my first paid gig in my local town hall. I was also going to parties in the next town over Tonbridge. Where we went to see Derek B, Cookie Crew, Jungle Brothers, Ice T, it was crazy and I used to see First Rate DJ over there too. We eventually linked up via a night I was doing in Tunbridge Wells called Funky Buddha in the mid-90s and started practicing together. At the same time we met Tony Vegas through Mr Bongos record shop, the whole Scratch Perverts thing came about through hanging out there and meeting people and just getting on it. Then we started doing the DJ Battles and everything and it all snowballed from there .

TOTR: What are your thoughts of the UK music scene at the moment?

Mr Thing: I like it, it’s been interesting chatting to people and seeing how they figured out how they are dealing with the digital side of things now that people don’t really buy physical copies of music anymore. Also, watching UK artists have number 1 singles. I don’t really like a lot of the music that’s making it in the charts these days. However, it’s good to see people like Pro Green doing well, I remember him killing it at open mic battles in Camden years ago. It’s also pretty encouraging how people are supporting each over here too.

To read the rest check it out at Myboxfresh.

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