Tuesday, 7 September 2010

50 Cent Tweets

For all you Twitter lovers out there follow 50 Cent if you are not already. He is funny, but controversial. He just doesn't seem to care, he snipes at everyone from Serena Williams to Busta Rhymes.

Check out some of his funniest tweets in my opinion this week:

"Banks would fuck any kind of girl. That boy don't care I saw him once with this lil bitch I said that bitch is a midget! He said stop hatin"

I'm a holidays dad. My son only likes me when its xmas time. I prolly wouldn't recognize him if he aint had his hands out when I see him"

If I was a porn star my name would be Bishop eddie long lol"

Tiger woods 750,000,000 dollar divorce settlement and they say love don't cost a thing damn. Then pussy is too expensive"

For a man who is suppose to release his new album soon, he seems to have an awful lot of time on his hands.


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