Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Kurran and The Wolfnotes‏ Q&A

Taking time out from their busy schedule folk band Kurran and The Wolfnotes met us for some Q&A. We talk Fleetwood Mac, Facebook and the UK music 'scene', check it out.

TOTR: Introduce yourselves?

We're the Kurran and The Wolfnotes. Kurran (vocals and guitar), Chris (drums and vocals), Tim (lead guitar vocal) and Ben (bass).

TOTR: Cool name, how did you come up with it?

Wish we could remember. A wolfnote is when you hit a stringed instrument at a certain point that makes the string howl. Someone told us that and we thought it sounded cool.

TOTR: Describe your sound?

We try and mix more traditional folk music with our favourite contemporaries. I think we end up sounding one part The Smiths, one part Bob Dylan and two parts Brand New.

TOTR: Tell us the creative process behind your songs?

Kurran: I will usually bring a song into the band in a very simple form. Then we tussle it around the rehearsal room till it makes sense. Which can take days.

TOTR: who inspires you musically?

K&W: As a band we don't think they come much better than Radiohead. Some of the tour bus favourites are Bowerbirds, Fleetwood Mac, Manchester Orchestra, Modest mouse and The Pixies.

TOTR: Do you prefer to be in the studio creating music or onstage performing?

Kurran: Being on stage. I feel like the songs live and grow with you, and they get delivered how you feel then and there. Recordings are just capturing how you felt about it at that moment. Which has its purpose of course, but I don't listen to the recordings myself once they are done.

TOTR: As a band where do you see your place within the UK music scene?

Kurran: I really don't know. It’s still a bit of shock that we've got this far. If we could be going in to do a second album then that would be good. But we're still finishing the first.

TOTR: What are your plans for the next 12 months?

K&W: We'll be releasing the album early next year, and then touring it as much as we can for the next coming year.

TOTR: Last, but by no means least what do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?

Kurran: I wish I could use either. I'm going to go for facebook because they are probably watching me right now.

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