Monday, 1 November 2010

Myspace to be resurrected

Myspace has undergone a massive redesign, but will it make a difference. Back in the day Myspace was the "social network of social networks" (Facebook and Twitter were no where to be seen). Now Myspace is a social grave yard full of dead profiles with Facebook and Twitter now ruling the roost.

I remember a time when logging into Myspace and having millions (slight exaggeration) of strangers friend requesting me, pretending they were earning £250,000 + a year. There would also be a thousand and one profiles of "emo" girls taking photos of themselves poking their tongues out.

Now when I log into Myspace I have a million spam emails (no exaggeration), a thousand event invites and one friend request from a latino model (who's not a real person) claiming to be looking for friendship, has just moved to London and has no friends.

The new Myspace is aimed at musicians and promoters:

"The new feautures (not released in the UK until mid November) will make it easier for users to share and promote content they enjoy and recommend it to their friends. This means users can finally promote themselves or their company within MySpace instead of directing people to their profile page".

This is a clear indication Myspace will not be competing with Facebook and looks like it is going back to it's musical roots.

Well time will tell if Myspace will ever regain it's "top social network" title, but I a now occasional Myspace user rather than avid is not sure. However, I will be giving it a try.

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