Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Is Tyra Banks a bitch?

Is it me or is Tyra Banks turning into Ms Nasty on ANTM? For years I have watched and anticipated watching ANTM, but I can't stand this current series because of Tyra Banks. Fair Enough she's a well established model, done it, living it, got the t- shirt or what ever. But it doesn't mean she has to be so rude and patronising to these aspiring models.

OK, some of these girls come over too enthusiastic, a bit naive but Tyra should be there to nurture them not have a go.

Maybe I'm missing the point, maybe Tyra does that already maybe she is giving them tough love as the reality of it is the modelling world is a tough/horrible place.

What's your opinion people? Tyra banks good or bad.

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