Monday, 2 March 2009

Appleseed: The Concrete Jungle EP

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Concrete Jungle EP
Narrative and characters are of paramount importance to appleseed: he wants listeners to be able to relate to his Music and recognise aspects of the story in their own lives. There are certain issues and experiences that affect us all and appleseed wants us to realise that these can transcend superficial boundaries and unite us.

Along with his songwriting partner, Semi di Mela, appleseed uses the Concrete Jungle EP to tell the story of Michael (Mickey) and introduce us to the characters he meets along the way. In appleseed’s words, the EP is about:

“A child gets a Timeout In the Concrete Jungle, to avoid being Stuck In The Mud or Man’s Best Friend so he or she can be as Fly as they have always dreamed…
I play the narrator’s assistant”.

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