Thursday, 16 April 2009

England People Very Nice

OK, so yesterday I went to see England People Very Nice (a new play by Richard Bean) at the National Theatre a play that 'follows four waves of immigration into the chaotic world of Bethnal Green'.

GET THE POINT, I did but was not sure what to make of this play 'racist or brave and boundary pushing'. The play becomes repetitive and the characters are certainly 'stereotyped' and for a traditional 'East Londoner' like myself Stepney born and bread the characters couldn't have been further away from the mark. Cockneys, amorous Frenchmen, Irish peasants, Jewish anarchists and young radical Muslims all get it in the neck. However negative, it does have comedic value and draws huge roars of laughter at points from the audience.

Anyway, enough of my negativity go see the play for yourself and make up your own minds, I could have said much more about this play but feel I have said enough.

If you are easily offended do not go and see this play.
All in all it is worth a watch. 2 out 5 for effort.

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