Monday, 27 April 2009

Shoreditch is Shit vs Plain Janes

SO, I went there on Saturday night as my friends band (Ezra Bang and The Hot Machine were playing, she is the bassist for them). I also went to see Theophilus London (who is a certified Legend). Anyway, I stroll up to 333 with camera intact, no queuing because I' am on the guest list, but before I enter I' am searched and the promoter says to me 'all smiles and no trouble' something which immediately makes me think what kind of night I' am in for and what a twat the promoter is for saying that to me. I respond with a little smirk bordering on a smile and a wink before entering.

Once inside, I wasn't to overly impressed with the crowd, your typical Shoreditch type crowd, you know the ones 'we're cool you're not'. But once I saw past the facade I really started to enjoy myself apart from when I was accused of being a 'fake cockney' by a guy who's Jamaican accent was as good as if Gordon Ramsey attempted one.

Ezra Bang and The Hot Machine

Ezra Bang and The Hot Machine were amazing full of energy and a great performance, if you haven't seen these guys perform live then definitely go and see them. Check out their Myspace too.

Theophilus London

I was checking out the other rooms and decided to avoid the foam party when I came across Theophilus London relaxing before his performance, I approached him (btw, he is very approachable and a nice guy) I took a couple pic's of him and we had a little chat before he went on stage.

Theophilus London's performance was EPIC, his on stage skanks were hilarious something which got the crowd going. He brought a lucky young lady on stage during his rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I will always love you', there was a stage invasion when he did other renditions of K.I.G's 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' and also Crazy Cousins 'Bongo Jam'. To be honest I' am not a big fan of the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' but admittedly I was bopping away. Theo's set was flawless and track after track he got the crowed more hyped. He finished his set with Grey X sage (the sabali remix) and it was a perfect end to the night, well for me it was.

You truly missed out if you wasn't there on Saturday, just to reiterate my point it was EPIC. Don't forget to check out Theophilus London's Myspace.

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  1. I saw Theophilus London perform at yoyo
    hes got the most random samples on his tracks when i saw him he finished with "Oh Happy Day" from Sister Act
    they all worked quite well though