Wednesday, 15 April 2009


(a male view on gingers, ginger women to be exact)

Ginger's aka Auburn's aka Strawberry Blonde's do they get a raw deal? I believe they do.
Since time began gingers have been getting digs about their hair colour ' oi carrot top, Easy, Ronald MC Donald'. * A little smirk arose on my face as I wrote that*.

Don't you feel it's a little harsh? They are a minority and this is a touchy subject because we can get deep on this. But I will not I will keep it tongue and cheek, I' am partial to a ginger and feel there are some gorgeous ginger whingers out there, sorry ladies. (Lily Cole above, Lindsay Lohan, Geri Halliwell even Jessica Rabbit)

Gingers be proud, stand up tall and say YES I' am GINGER and I'm PROUD.

Gingers we salute you.

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