Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Liverpool v Arsenal, What a GAME!!!

I didn't think a game like Liverpool/Chelsea could ever be repeated but not only was it repeated there was a better game in Liverpool Vs Arsenal at Anfield. Seriously, my heart couldn't take it and to be honest Arsenal really didn't deserve anything from the game, but when they were 4-3 up you thought they just might do it. Then little Yossi Benayoun fumbles one into the back of the net. YOU JUST KNEW IT.

I went through the motions, I was happy, I was sad, I screamed, I shaked, I shouted, I nearly damn well cried, my dog even bit me for jumping about but it was all worth it. WHAT A GAME OF FOOTBALL.

The Premiership, The Best League in The WORLD.

Picture taken at 3-3, Ella just before she bit me and put a hole through my top. Bless her.

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